What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

It’s hard for me to believe that we are already starting the last month of the year. With the new year comes New Years resolutions and promises that we say we’ll keep the whole year. I myself, have never been big on them but I like to hear what other peoples’ are. Big ones I always hear are health and fitness resolutions, ones that are usually hard to accomplish for the common person. It seems that all New Years resolutions are doomed to failure, so is it even a good idea to set a resolution for the new year?

new year

I would say to answer this, we need to look at a few problems with New Years resolutions in general.

First, we make them without ever a real intention to keep them. It’s tradition to make one, thus we make one without ever considering if we would really, truly keep true to it.

Second, if we resolute to achieve some kind of fitness goal, we use this as an excuse to overindulge during the holidays. We may already be out of shape and eating unhealthy, and the holidays can be an excuse to not workout and diet right. But if we are planning a fitness or weight loss resolution, we often allow ourselves to eat even worse and workout even less than usual because “once the new year starts, I’m going to eat right and hit the gym hard every single day!”

So, if you’re going to make a New Years resolution, then that’s great! You should make one right now, why not start today? If something is important, why put it off until the New Year? If you insist on the wellbeing of your body as a New Year’s resolution, you should take the time to write down the reasons for doing this (longer life, better looking, more energy) and re-read your reasons from time to time. Remind yourself that you are doing this for a purpose, not just because it sounds good when someone asks you what your New Years resolution is.

So, the question is what’s your New Year’s resolution going to be? Feel free to share!


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