Rest Day Sundays

During the week, I really try to push myself to the limits and challenge different muscle groups each day in the gym. Well, everyone is entitled to at least one rest day after a hard week on your body. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that you won’t see as much progress if you don’t take the time for rest days. The guys who design Crossfit workouts explain exactly why rest days are so important here. I always designate my rest days for Sunday because my fiancé and I go to church, then come home and cook a big dinner and just relax together. Not much room for a workout there, or motivation to really work out on such a relaxing day. Right here is the recipe of my favorite meal to make on rest day Sundays, yum!

I think it’s extremely important to designate at least one day a week to do this when you’re on a strict workout schedule. It’s way too easy to get burned out, so taking a day to recharge your batteries will give you the strength and energy you need to come back stronger each week and give it all you’ve got.


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