Jumping Rope isn’t Just for Kids!

Throughout my daily workout routine lately, I’ve found myself dreading doing any kind of cardio. It just seems so monotonous to do sometimes, run for thirty long minutes on a treadmill or hop on an elliptical and watch time creep on by. And here in Alaska where we just got at least two inches of snow in the past couple days, we don’t exactly have the luxury of taking our run outside. One way to spice up your cardio is to jump rope in place of your usual routine! I know, for me anyways, that cardio is sacred. If I do any kind of workout, it’s cardio then I move on to the extra stuff like strength training or ab workouts.

I feel that getting a cardio session in at least 4 times a week is essential. Jumping rope is a fun, new alternative to your typical cardio workout. Sure, not everyone can jump rope for thirty minutes straight but if you break your time up into sections with the jump rope, it can make for a fun, new challenging workout. And one you can do anywhere too! Bodybuilding.com has some great information on the benefits of jumping rope and some super awesome jump rope routines you can follow. 

Happy Jumping! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Jumping Rope isn’t Just for Kids!

  1. Steph, I’m counting on you to keep me motivated this winter! This is a great cardio tip.
    What I am most interested in is how you fit a daily hour workout into a busy schedule. You suggested morning workouts in “the beauty of getting up early.” Do you work out whenever you have time or is there a sacred-workout hour every day?

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