Printable Workouts? How Convenient!

So, I know I haven’t written on here lately, but it’s because I’ve really been lacking in the creativity and motivation department. My workouts have felt like they’re missing something lately, and I think I’ve found just the solution…find new workouts. So I went exploring via the World Wide Web and came across a few really great sites with awesome, new workouts that I’m going to print and try out…you should too!

Fit Butt Fabulous– This is one motivational blog to follow and under her workouts section, she has neat little framed lists of workouts, everything from running to weight training, that you can print out and follow on your own at the gym.– Although this site focuses on weight training and building muscle mass, it also offers printable workouts for beginners, cardio workouts, short 20-minute routines, and lots of other options!– I subscribe to this magazine and am constantly getting new ideas from all of the different workouts it features. Its online version has printable workouts of all kinds that are amazing!

Just a few ideas if you feel like your workouts could use a little refreshing! I feel like it’s definitely important to change it up to avoid any kind of monotony in your plan. They say you shouldn’t always do the same workouts because then you’re not challenging your muscles in new, unique ways so change is always good!


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