Staying Active

With winter on its way here in Alaska soon, it’s made me realize how important it is to embrace what’s left of the summer, well now fall, and the outdoors without all the freezing temps and snow. I’ve made it a point to get outside more for my daily runs and to walk the dogs whenever I can. My pups love walks and going on long adventures outdoors together. The fall here is just beautiful with all of the changing colors and the bright sun that shines most days. Fall, although short, is definitely the best season Alaska has to offer (it’s a fact).

The extreme winters we get here though can make it somewhat difficult to want to get outside and stay active through those long winter months. Right here, I’ve inserted a map of the 10 most active cities in the U.S. . While we don’t have summer all year-round or great public parks or committed bike lanes like some of these cities, there’s always a way to stay active. It’s also useful to research some of these active cities for future moves to see what they have to offer in terms of a healthy, active lifestyle.




One thought on “Staying Active

  1. Hey there! First off, I love the idea for this blog! I personally think it’s a perfect idea and is just what so many college students (including myself) are looking for! With that said, I really think you should add a background picture and some color to your blog! Fun colors may attract more readers and keep readers more entertained! ….Also, I’m a big fan of being able to read all posts on one page, instead of having to click a link that brings me to another page for each individual post, but that’s just a personal preference. Over all, you have an awesome blog and I’m pretty sure I would read it even if I wasn’t taking this class! 😉

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