An Intro to Begin

Before I begin posting from a journalist’s stand point, I wanted to tell you a bit about myself. I started this blog for one of my courses, New Media Toolkit, and I could choose whatever topic I wanted to write about for it. Well that left endless options, and I pondered all the possibilities for a few days. I finally decided to focus on health and fitness for a busy lifestyle because it is completely applicable to myself. I am a soldier in the U.S. Army part-time, News station intern part time, and full-time student for the rest of the time.

This all makes for some pretty busy days, and not a lot of time for health and fitness. But I’m really learning how to time manage and prioritize the important things in life.

I also just got engaged to the love of my life Stephen, so that’s been really exciting. We have two malemute/husky dogs, Echo and Storm and they keep us very active and on our toes. The newest addition to our family is a small 8-week-old grey kitten named Ava. She’s our little baby.

My fiancé is a Chinook pilot and a certified personal trainer in his spare time, so I’m constantly learning new workouts and health tips from him. We work out together often and really push each other to constantly be improving.

We get many of our daily workouts from Crossfit, which is a workout site that posts quick, but intense little workouts everyday. Their workouts focus on strength and conditioning and doesn’t specialize in any one particular work out. The program is designed for universal scalability that you don’t need a lot of experience to follow everyday.

Over the course of the next few months, I will share with you all about how I balance health and fitness with a crazy schedule. I will also research and post fresh, new health and fitness tips I think would be beneficial.



3 thoughts on “An Intro to Begin

  1. Hey again! After looking around your blog a bit more, I would love to see a few pictures! Or perhaps diagrams of how to do different workouts, or awesome music to listen to while working out, or whatever! Ohhh, and recipes for healthy and affordable cooking!

  2. Great idea, I’m looking forward to reading more! As a full-time student, mother of two, part-time video editor, and part-time news reporter, I have my hands full and it is really difficult getting the the gym as much as I want to. I am looking forward to some tips!

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